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Joining the Dojo - the world's largest productivity training library and community - will help you achieve your goals faster than before. After you get in, you will get access to our best training courses, productivity experts, and like-minded people who share what's working for them to achieve their goals. By surrounding yourself with coaches, experts, like-minded people, and other go-getters you'll finally be able to unlock your full potential.
Training Courses
Every month we release a new productivity course (that is not available anywhere else).
Access to AE Coaches
Our team will be accessible 24/7 for your questions.
See what others (who are similar in  age range and industry) are doing that's working for them.
Software Discounts
We've negotiated discounts for all popular productivity apps. Save money next time you buy an app.
Action Plans & Execution Guides
Use our templates to implement what you learn right away.
Access to Private Forum
With over 10,000 posts of exclusive content by the AE team and community members.
Accountability Group
Learn from others and hold each other accountable for achieving your goals.
Recordings of All Webinars
Every webinar we ever do will be accessible for Dojo members.
See Why So Many People Recommend Joining The Dojo
Meet Nate Lowry
He was terrible at sticking to his goals until he joined the Dojo and met others who were like-minded. He is a  business owner who is obsessed with his productivity and none of his friends were into the same stuff. Not even his wife (who admits drives her crazy with his obsessiveness on “lean”, “kaizen”, and "12 week year" principles).

Thanks to the community of the Dojo, he finally found a haven to express his nerdy side and help others. One of his favorite aspects of the Dojo is being able to group-solve problems together. He expressed that the willingness and kindness of all the community members working together is priceless. He’s also an avid user of our training material found inside the Training Library. This has all helped him become productive in ways that he never thought was possible.
Meet Lisa Dunahoo
As mother of two kids and a high-ranking executive in a Fortune 500 company, she felt completely overwhelmed and pulled from all directions. 

She simply needed to be with a group of supportive people to help her maintain focus, give encouragement, and stay on the right path.

We see this a lot with other new members who are coming in, feeling frustrated by work overload, not having enough time to spend on their goals and with their families, and who are needing an improvement on their overall state of being. Lisa never used to call herself a “productive person” but now everything has changed. 
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