How to set up your calendar correctly to maximize your productivity

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What is Calendar Captain?

Why is it that some people can get a ton of stuff done every day while others struggle to even complete ONE measly task?

I mean, we all have the same 24 hours a day…

Yet they can accomplish more in less time…

And they can spend more time with their family and on things they enjoy doing…

Without working like a dog 24/7!

Have you ever wondered how that’s possible?

Well, we’ll let you in on a secret:

If you want to spend more time with your family…

And achieve your goals…

Without worrying about the endless piles of work that you still need to get done…

You need to start planning out how you’re going to spend your time each and every day CORRECTLY.

Enter our new course called “Calendar Captain”.

It’s a step-by-step course that shows you how to set up your calendar correctly to maximize your productivity.

That way…

You can finally conquer your days…

Stop being a slave to your work…

And get more work done efficiently and on time.

All this without sacrificing your health, sleep, family time, and activities you enjoy doing.

In this course, we will cover how to:
Design your calendar so it works FOR you instead of AGAINST you.
Take the guesswork out of setting up your calendar so you can be more productive than ever.
Use your calendar to not only manage your work, but to also manage your personal life.

The ONE thing you must do if you’re one of those who are afraid of scheduling your days.


What the most successful people in the world do to achieve peak productivity every single day. (These are the secrets that Cal Newport, author of the book “Deep Work”, and Brian Tracy, world-renowned speaker and author, use to stay on top of their game.)

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Here’s just a few of what you can expect inside:

The single best way to combine your calendar with a bullet journal. (If you don’t know what a bullet journal is, don’t worry! We’ll cover that inside.)

The difference between a calendar and a to-do list. (Most people get this wrong and it’s the reason why they keep SABOTAGING their productivity.)
Should you load up your calendar with a bunch of tasks or should you only schedule a few tasks in it? (The answer might surprise you!)

The absolute WORST thing you can do with your calendar. (and how to avoid this pitfall when planning your days.)


The secret to handling meetings added to your calendar without your permission. (PLUS - a little-known strategy that you can use on Outlook to do this even faster.)

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Great resource! I’m in the process of trying to improve my calendar utilization and this was really helpful. I’m currently using the built-in calendar apps on Mac and iOS, and have been looking at BusyCal and Fantastical. Keep up the great work!

- Ryan

Great content as always. I was fascinated by this topic as I straddle the digital/analog world. I’ve been digital-only for a very long time. This worked great for home and work. Last year I went back to school for my doctorate and that completely changed my system.

- Joe

Thank you for sharing tips on how time management could be made more effective, and make more efficient use of my time/calendar. 

- Rahman
How will setting up a calendar work for me if I’m constantly at the mercy of the random things that demand my attention?

One of the things that we show you inside the course is how to schedule and plan your days even when random things happen in your life.

Because as you’ll see…

It’s not about creating the “perfect schedule”.

It’s about creating a flexible calendar that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

We go deeper into how to do this correctly inside the course.

Whenever I work on my tasks, it always takes up more time than what I’d hoped for. Can Calendar Captain help with this?

Inside Calendar Captain and in your exclusive bonuses, we talk about this idea of “time blocking”.

Most people get this concept wrong so that’s why it never works for them.

But if you follow our 3-step process for using your calendar effectively…

You can almost instantly eliminate this problem - 

As long as you implement the information inside and stick with it long enough consistently to see results.

Do you have a guarantee?

We have a 60 day, no-hassle 100% money back guarantee on Calendar Captain. If for some reason, you give it a try and don’t like what you see or if it doesn’t work for you, email us at and we’ll instantly refund you. No questions asked.

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