Organize your Desktop and Downloads folder in 15 minutes (even if you have thousands of files to sort)

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What is Digital Declutter?

A cluttered Desktop and Downloads folder can be overwhelming, distracting and frustrating. When you’re dealing with email attachments, downloads, different file versions and can be frustrating to quickly find the right file you need. You end up getting distracted, wasting a lot of time and sometimes you look dumb for sending the wrong email attachment because you selected the wrong file.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Digital Declutter is a simple video course to help you sort and organize your Desktop and Downloads folder in 15 minutes or less (even if you have thousands of files to sift through). This is done through the automated workflows that we’ve developed for private coaching clients that are now available inside this course.

When you enroll today, you’ll get access to the same automation workflows, that work on both Windows and Mac, which will automatically organize your Desktop and Downloads folder. You download it, install it and it works right away. We’ve designed this course to be easy to implement with no technical or coding skills needed.

Whether you only have a dozen files or a few thousand files to deal with, Digital Declutter is here to help you regain your focus and have a clutter-free computer.

In this course, we will cover…
How to sort and organize thousands of files in your Downloads folder in 15 minutes or less
The automation workflow that works on Windows and Mac that will keep your downloads sorted as soon as you’re done with them
How to move files of any type to where they belong, without you needing to do anything

Our favorite tools on Mac and Windows to keep only your currently-worked-on files front and center on the Desktop


Built-in features of Mac and Windows that will keep your Desktop organized for you (no software needed)

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The videos on Automatically Organizing Your Desktop and Downloads was worth the course for me because these two places are always a mess for me. Thanks to these workflows I was able to clear them and keep them organized for two weeks now with almost no effort on my part. It’s magically being organized in the background!! Since I deal with lots of email attachments and different file versions this setup has been so helpful to me. Thank you AE for making this course! I think anyone who is too busy figuring stuff out and just wants proven workflows should get this course.
Susan Gillmore
I have thousands of files and I feel overwhelmed. Is Digital Declutter right for me?

We created this course for people who have no time to figure out how to sort and organize thousands of files. Whether you have only a few dozen files or thousands of unorganized files, Digital Declutter is designed to help you get a clutter-free computer. This is ideal if you have lots of email attachments, photos, downloads, documents, and presentations that you have to sift and sort but you don’t have the time and energy to do so.

We’ll show you our automation workflow, that comes with the course, how you can organize thousands of files in 15 minutes or less with no technical skills required. You simply download it, install the workflows, and it will handle everything else.

How is Digital Declutter different from other free content on the Internet?

This course comes with automation workflows that we’ve developed to help you sort and organize your Desktop and Downloads folder in 15 minutes or less (with no technical skills requirements). This is only available to people inside the course.

You’ll also discover the best practices for naming your files, how to keep your hard drive organized, and walkthroughs of our favorite organization tools for Windows and Mac that we have not shared on the blog and podcast.

Does this work on Windows and Mac?

Yes, we created this course to help people on both Windows and Mac platforms. No technical knowledge or skills are required to get value from this course. Even my mom, who can barely turn on a computer and I love very much, benefited from this course.

How fast can I see results?

You can go through this course in less than 45 minutes. You’ll get guided through the course, step by step, and discover how you can organize your Desktop and Downloads folder in 15 minutes or less with help our automation workflow that we’ve built for this course. So in an hour from now, you’ll have a clutter-free Desktop and Downloads folder.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 60 day, no hassle, 100% money-back guarantee on the Digital Declutter course. Give it a try and if it doesn't work for you (which we doubt since we've tested it with many people), email us at and we'll instantly refund you. No questions asked.

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