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What is Focus Filter?

We live in an age where everything in our environment is designed to prevent us from entering a state of focus. Every day we deal with things that distract and interrupt us…Incoming work items, phone calls, emails, urgent requests, co-workers and social media. Without realizing it, we let ourselves be bullied by endless interruptions, and some of them are things we simply can’t avoid.

Interruptions rob you of your attention and crush your ability to concentrate. You become so used to being distracted that your true potential rarely emerges.

Even though you are getting things done and crossing tasks off your to-do list, MORE tasks just keep piling up. You’re working more hours but complete less of what really matters most. Projects and other high-value activities are left unfinished.

Your work starts to invade the other areas of your life. You’re left with very little time and energy for your most important priorities. Countless unfinished tasks become overwhelming thoughts that take up valuable space in your mind.

This takes away the attention that should be going to your health, family, friends, and personal goals. Life is not meant to be lived like this, and it doesn’t have to be.

You can eliminate the distractions that plague you.

Enter Focus Filter - a short course that walks you through 7 focus hacks to get you instantly focused (even if you have a hard time concentrating or get easily distracted). 

In this course, we will cover…
The 7 focus hacks highly productive people use to get focused
The number 1 mistake to avoid when you need to get focused work done
How to deal with daily interruptions so you can get laser-focused

The top 5 focus tools to help you optimize your computer and office environment


A focus lifehack that will allow you to concentrate for longer periods of time than ever before

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“This course has helped me return to what is really important. I had strayed from my focused and determined path over the last few months, and this course got me back on track, including putting focus blocks on my calendar, and creating a new board on Trello.”
Sarah J, USA
(Team manager)
"I used to procrastinate because projects seemed insurmountably large. Distractions seemed to come at me from every direction and it was hard to know where to channel my energy. I had a tendency put my highest goals on the back burner while I swatted at the numerous emergencies that swarmed around me like hungry mosquitos. This course has helped me regain my clarity and my sanity so that I can focus on the things that truly matter. Thanks so much to the Asian Efficiency Team for producing this gem of a course!"
Joe P, USA (Musician)
“This gave me a well-organized set of tools and tactics to stay on top of my work and get things done. My experience of my work has completely changed and I'm finding myself feeling focused and complete at the end of the day. While I had been exposed to some of these concepts before, the course presented them in a practical way that I could implement immediately.”

Benjamin C, USA (Entrepreneur)
I have a hard time concentrating. Will this work for me?

Yes. We’ve worked with thousands of people over the past decade who have struggled with focus and concentration. This course is a cumulation of all the best practices and focus strategies that have worked for our clients. Whether you’re a creative, executive, or someone who is up to big things...we’ve designed this course so anyone who struggles getting focused work done would benefit from this short course.

How is Focus Filter different from other free content on the Internet?

There are a lot of free podcasts, blog posts and other resources available with tips on how to get focused. This short course is different because all the materials, strategies, and focus hacks have been tested by thousands of people from all different backgrounds (corporate, entrepreneurs, creatives, and retirees). When you enroll you will get access to material that has been proven to work no matter your age, background or current life situation. As with anything at Asian Efficiency, you can expect it to be simple and actionable without any fluff.

How fast can I see results?

The course takes less than an hour to go through and it’s designed to be simple and actionable. Within 10 minutes, you’ll discover our most powerful focus hacks in the first video and you will feel more focused after implementing it.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 60 day, no hassle, 100% money-back guarantee on the Focus Filter course. Give it a try and if it doesn't work for you (which we doubt since we've tested it with many people), email us at and we'll instantly refund you. No questions asked.

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