How to set up your home office and computer to be organized with the right apps and tools

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What is Home Office Hero?

Do you find it harder to get things done at home than when you were at the office?
If so, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault. Nobody has shown you how to be productive working from home. 

When people first start working from home, they struggle with productivity and efficiency. See if you recognize yourself under these circumstances:

  • You have a hard time focusing at home
  • You feel out of your element working from home
  • You feel a lot less productive at home than you were at the office
  • You feel more overwhelmed than ever before (especially if you’re working longer days than ever before)
  • You get easily distracted and frustrated at home than at the office

This is very common amongst people who are new to working from home. After helping thousands of people make the transition from the office to working from home, we’ve seen why knowledge workers, office workers, and managers are struggling to get things done at home. It’s because they are missing a few essential apps and tools.

Imagine for a moment that your goal is to lose 10 lbs of weight within a few weeks. It’s common knowledge that if you want to lose weight, one of the most effective ways to do that is by doing cardiovascular exercises, e.g. running and high-intensity exercises. You could run on a treadmill, use a rowing machine, move on an elliptical machine, and so on. There is plenty of equipment available at gyms to raise your heart rate and help you lose weight.

Picture for a moment entering a gym...and it has none of this equipment. All you see is a squat rack, free weights, and dumbbells. How effective will the equipment be to accomplish your goal of losing 10 lbs?

Not very effective, right? Even though you’re at the gym, you don’t have right equipment to help you effectively and efficiently accomplish your weight loss goal. You need a treadmill or some other machine at the gym to do cardio.

The opposite is also true. If your goal is to add 10 lbs of muscle and all your gym has is a treadmill and elliptical machine...guess what. You’re not going to put on muscle either.

You need to have the right equipment for the right goal. When you want to be productive working from home, this is no different. You need to have the right apps and tools to be productive at home. Without it, you’re going to struggle and get very few things done on time.

Enter Home Office Hero - a short course that walks you through the essential apps and tools you need at home to be productive. We’ve helped thousands of people transition from the office to working from home (and made them more productive than when they were at the office). Even if you have kids at home, live in a small home, and are on a budget...this course is designed to help you get set up to be successful working from home.

In this course, we will cover…
10 must-have productivity apps for people who work from home (does not apply to office workers)
The 7 essential items you need for your home office to be organized
3 focus tools to help you concentrate at home (even if you have kids or live in a noisy neighborhood)

How to design your home workspace for optimal productivity


The most important productivity strategy that work-from-home people need to know or risk getting easily distracted and overwhelmed

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“I’m an economist and have been working from home for a few years on a part-time basis. Due to the pandemic, I was forced to do it full-time and it became very obvious that I wasn’t as productive as I could be. When Asian Efficiency put this course together I knew I needed to get this right away and I’m very happy with it. I learned which tools I was missing and after following their directions I saw my todo list getting shorter and shorter. I was able to be more productive with just a few simple recommendations. Thank you for what you do!”
Cesar Delgado, Brazil (economist)
“Unfortunately, I had problems with focus and attention at home which cut into my productivity. I also realized that I needed to improve my game. This course is packed with great ideas and suggestions. One of the biggest ahas for me concerned on how to organize my physical office for maximum efficiency. These tips are great for the workplace too, but they were essential for me to get focused at home.”
Carol Dubs, USA (accountant)
"I'm a university professor and researcher, and also an environmental and geo-data science consultant. Before the lockdowns, I world split my workday into teaching and science writing on campus and consulting at home. Quarantine started at the same time as the school semester where I was teaching two different courses, so the courses got moved to online and from home. I urgently needed to reshape how I was getting stuff done at home. I was feeling scatter-brained and after hearing about Asian Efficiency from my daughter and another blogger, I decided to give this course a try. Their tips were simple and easy to apply. I got through the semester with almost no problems thanks to their help. AE team - you made my life simple and happier. Thank you."
Priscilla Minotti, Argentina (professor)
Is this course only for people who are new to working from home?

We’ve designed this course to help people with different levels of experience. So whether you’re brand new to working from home, have done it for a while, or you’re a veteran at it - there’s something in it for you. Asian Efficiency is a 100% remote company which means we all work from home. We’ve been doing it for over a decade and even our internal team members learned a lot from going through this course (and they are trained to be productive at home!). No matter your experience level, this course will give you the proven apps and tools you need to be productive and efficient at home. This will save you many years of trial-and-error that we had to go through.

How is Home Office Hero different from other free content on the Internet?

There are a lot of free podcasts, blog posts, and other resources available with tips on how to be productive working from home. This short course is different because all the materials, strategies, and work from home tools have been tested by thousands of people from all different backgrounds (corporate, entrepreneurs, creatives, and retirees). When you enroll you will get access to material that has been proven to work no matter your age, background or current life situation. As with anything at Asian Efficiency, you can expect it to be simple and actionable without any fluff.

How fast can I see results?

The course takes less than an hour to go through and it’s designed to be simple and actionable. Within 10 minutes, you’ll discover our most powerful apps and tools and you will feel more productive after using them.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 60 day, no hassle, 100% money-back guarantee on the Home Office Hero course. Give it a try and if it doesn't work for you (which we doubt since we've tested it with many people), email us at and we'll instantly refund you. No questions asked.

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