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What is Inbox Detox?
A Simple 5-Step Video Series To Help You Manage Your Email More Quickly And Efficiently. 

A busy inbox can be overwhelming...but it doesn’t have to be. In this 5-Step video course series we will show you how to manage, maintain, and clean up your inbox...and stay there...without worrying or missing out on any important just one afternoon.

You will no longer have to save messages in your inbox for later or skip over the ones you just don’t know what to do with. This leads to inbox overload, and oftentimes to email bankruptcy...the dreadful “mark-all-as-read.”

We will show you how to confidently and quickly process your emails in under 30 minutes a day, so that you will always have peace of mind knowing you’re on top everything.  

Whether you have 50 or 50,000 emails in your inbox right now, Inbox Detox is here to help. 
In the 5-Steps To Detox Your Inbox We Will Cover…

How Your Old Messages Are Decreasing Your Productivity (And What You Need To Do About Them Right Now)
You’ll Discover the AE Way To Process All Your Emails In Under 30 Minutes A Day
We Will Show You The Most Efficient Method To Manage Your Entire Inbox (Even The “Annoying” Messages)
Learn A Fast And Simple Method To Remove All Of Your Unimportant Messages
The Final Step: We will give you our #1 productivity tips and tricks, so that you can start processing your important messages as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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“This series of videos has helped me to solidify and truly begin to trust my email workflow. For the first time, I'm using a workflow for both my work and my personal email.” - Karen O.
“Since implementing Inbox Detox, my email is finally under control. I am starting to follow up with people regularly and not dropping the ball. I highly recommend you give the program try and fully implement the workflow. It decreases the friction with email and makes processing your inbox really “asian efficient”. I have already saved hours in just the 2 weeks since I have started.” - Nate L.
- Top 3 Recommended Email Apps
- How to Get to An Empty Inbox in One Afternoon
- The Email Triage Workflow 
- How to Declutter Your Inbox Efficiently
- 5-Step Video Training

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Many People Have Gone Through Inbox Detox With Success. Your Inbox Could Also Look Like This…
Alexis L.

"Now I have an (Asian) efficient way to kick the butt of my inbox!!"
Jordan H.

"I was able to achieve Inbox Zero despite not having organized my work inbox for 4.5 years! I got 54,000 emails down to 0 and it feels amazing!"
Peter S.

"All inboxes are "Cleared to Neutral". ;-)"
Frequently Asked Questions

I have thousands of unread messages. I feel overwhelmed. Is Inbox Detox right for me?

Yes. Inbox Detox will help you whether you have 50 or 50,000 unread messages in your inbox right now. We've successfully helped thousands of people reclaim their time back and their sanity when they were just about to declare email bankruptcy. If you don't want to deal with lots of email on daily basis, Inbox Detox is for you.
How is Inbox Detox different from the other free content on managing your email on the internet?

We've helped thousands of people all over the world with their email, and coached dozens and dozens of students. Instead of being one person's opinion or something that worked for one person, our email system comes from hundreds of hours of research and strategies that work for real people like you, not just tech wizards.
What sort of industries does this work for?

The strategies in Inbox Detox will work for anyone regardless of industry. If you struggle with email at home, in a small business, or in a corporation, you'll have actionable steps that will get you to an in-control inbox. We've helped people in over 19 industries and are confident it will work for you too.
Does this only work for Mac?

No. You can use these solutions with any email platform and on any device. That includes Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and others. Inside the training we will show you step by step how to implement it on your preferred platform.
Does this work for Outlook?

Yes! Even if you're in a locked-down Outlook environment, Inbox Detox will work for you. Many of our clients work in big corporations where Outlook is the primary app and they have successfully used Inbox Detox to stay on top of email.
How much time does it take to see results?

Your inbox can be detoxed and in much better shape in under 30 minutes. To fully learn the system it usually takes about one afternoon.
How does the $1 Dojo trial work?

You can buy Inbox Detox right now for $29 OR get it 100% free when you join the Dojo for $1 today. You then have 30 days to contact us if you want to stay in the Dojo. If you do not cancel your Dojo membership, you will be charged $49 monthly after your first 30 days are up. You can always cancel anytime.
What is your refund policy?

We offer a 60 day, no hassle, 100% money back guarantee on the Inbox Detox course. Give it a try and if it doesn't work for you (which we doubt since we've tested it with thousands of people), email us at and we'll refund you. No questions asked. The $1 trial cost for the Dojo and any other membership options with the Dojo are non-refundable, however you can cancel at anytime.
Get Free INSTANT Access To Inbox Detox Now
With 30-Day $1 Trial Membership
“Not only do I have inbox zero, but I also now feel confident in using OmniFocus, Evernote, and Instapaper. Thanks AE! I couldn't have done it without you.”
Maya M.
“I get a lot of email. A LOT. So I like to think I’m a professional at dealing with it. And yet the AE team has managed to show me that I’m far from proficient with it. Through Inbox Detox they've convinced me to follow a set workflow with my email and helped me reach inbox zero for the first time in months. It’s refreshing to look at an empty inbox and know that everything is exactly where it needs to be. Inbox Detox is an excellent inbox zero primer and a tip-heavy series of videos that everyone can benefit from watching.”

Joe B.

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With 30-Day $1 Trial Membership