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Become More Productive

No one ever taught me how to be productive.

There was no “Productivity 101” in school or college.

That’s why I struggled — even as I looked successful on the outside.

From childhood, I was the “picture perfect” Asian kid of immigrants from Vietnam. I did all my homework, I got straight As, I aced spelling tests.

Then I went to college and the wheels came off the bus. 

My to-do list was never-ending. I was a chronic procrastinator, starting projects at the last second and barely getting them in on time. My calendar and email were a mess because I used them both as to-do lists...until my inbox got so out of control I just never looked at it (too scary!) and missed important emails.

I was constantly stressed, constantly thinking, “There’s something I need to be doing...but I don’t know what it is.”

Eventually, I dropped out of college and landed a high-paying job.

Then things REALLY got high stakes. I felt like I was in over my head. 

I was taking too long to reply to client emails... 

Showing up to team meetings late…

Missing deadlines…

I was getting to be known as a guy you couldn’t rely on, and I HATED it. My parents raised me that your reputation is everything. Your word is your bond, and you always keep it. But I was letting people down and embarrassing myself.

All my problems got bigger. Don’t know how to write a tricky email to your boss? Wait until it’s too late...and trust me, the problem gets worse!

Anxious about pulling off a big project? Wait till the last minute...and then it’ll definitely suck!

On the outside, I looked like I had it all together: high-paying job, nice apartment in a nice city.

But inside, I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and about to fall flat on my face.

I never had time for friends, family, my health, or personal development. It was all work, work, work...and not even pulling that off 100%. 

I knew SOMETHING had to change. I didn’t leave my home in the Netherlands and go to America so I could spend the rest of my life stressed out, working all the time, and never taking time off and just enjoying life.

So I dove head first into the productivity world. I read all the books, tried all the challenges, experimented with all the techniques.

I found a community of other productivity nerds like me, and we encouraged each other, held each other accountable, and shared our learnings with each other.

After a lot of experimenting, I created productivity systems that let me meet the demands of my high-paying job AND start Asian Efficiency. 

I met all my deadlines and over-delivered for my Asian Efficiency clients.

I started taking 3-4 vacations a year, with lots of weekend trips thrown in between. 

I took up hobbies and skills I’d always wanted to learn, like throwing fancy dinner parties, taking hip-hop dancing, and delivering keynote speeches around the world.

What’s really interesting is that beyond a certain point, it wasn’t more INFORMATION that got me there. It was a COMMUNITY that helped me implement what I learned. But before I get into that, I want to ask...

Does Any of This Sound Like You?
  1. You don't know how to productively work from home and you're  under a lot of stress to be productive

  2. You feel like you’re letting people down — the people who depend on you, including your coworkers, friends, and family.

  3. You worry that people are starting to see you as unreliable. You constantly get “check ins” asking where that work is. Your spouse or roommates seem more irritated around you, as they ask you for the nth time where that thing is you said you’d do.

  4. You look back at the last year and see another year full of unticked New Year’s resolutions...and feel like this next year will be exactly the same or even worse with this crisis. You feel heavy and defeated just thinking about it.

  5. You feel like if you got a handle on your procrastination, 80% of your problems would instantly disappear.

  6. You’re constantly sacrificing your health and your sleep...going to bed late, oversleeping so you’re rushing to work, hardly ever going to the gym, eating unhealthy meals and snacks all the time. You just physically feel like crap all the time.

  7. You have a constant sense of FOMO. That you’re missing out on the things that are REALLY important to you, like time with your friends and family, pursuing your dreams like writing a book or starting a business, or unplugging and getting out into nature.

If any of that sounds like you, then I’m guessing one of these is true:

  1. You just started working from home and find it hard to get things done.

  2. You have way too much productivity information. GTD, Eat Your Frog, Pomodoros, etc. The huge amount of productivity info you have is actually paralyzing. Where do you even start?

  3. You don’t have time to make more time, i.e., you hear stuff like “work smarter, not harder,” but you feel like you literally don’t have time to set up a system that will save you time. It’s a vicious cycle.

  4. You’re an overachiever, so it kills you to not be able to fix this.

There’s a reason you’re stuck, and it’s not your fault.

The entire productivity world says what you need is MORE information.

More books…

More podcasts…

More blog posts…

Don’t get me wrong. Those things have a place, and that’s why we produce so much high-quality productivity content at Asian Efficiency. That information is essential if you’re going to live a more productive life.

But information is only about 20% of what you need.

What You Really Need Is Execution. You Need to Do The Damn Thing.

At Asian Efficiency, we call execution “Doing The Damn Thing.”

I know this sounds almost too simple, but the reason you’re not getting stuff done is that you’re not getting stuff done.

You’re reading about getting stuff done.

You’re hearing about getting stuff done.

You’re daydreaming about getting stuff done.

But you’re not actually Doing The Damn Thing!

This isn’t the part where I start yelling at you, “Just. Do. It!” or shaking my fist or showing you inspirational videos. 

Because (and I’m not just saying this) it’s not your fault. Human beings aren’t lone wolves. For 99% of us, you can’t just give us info, put us in a vacuum, and expect us to implement it.

But that’s what the world is like. The world around us is a productivity vacuum. Here’s what I mean:
  1. The world is full of people who don’t get your obsession with productivity and think it’s weird.

  2. The world is designed to distract — every little ping and buzz on your phone is designed to maintain the steady drip of dopamine that keeps you addicted to your apps.

  3. The world is going at a faster and faster pace in a million different places. 15 years ago we didn’t even have smartphones. Now we have smartphones with 10 different messaging apps where we’re messaging 10 different people just to figure out where we’re going to happy hour tonight.

The effect of this productivity vacuum is that there’s no space to just Do. The. Damn. Thing.

Imagine Being on Top of Everything and Conquering Every Day

Imagine waking up every day and jumping out of bed the instant your alarm goes off.

Diving straight into your morning routine (no wasting time scrolling on your phone first)...

Heading to work and getting straight to it without checking the news or Facebook for an hour first…

Blazing through your work like a machine, with total focus…

Getting EVERYTHING done you say you will, so everyone sees you as a rock-solid, reliable person they can always count on…

Finish work earlier every day, so you can have dinner with your family and invest your evenings in personal development instead of “catching up” on work…

Going to bed 100% satisfied that you conquered the day, made good use of your time, and were in control and on top of your life...

Introducing the Productivity Academy:
Live Monthly Do The
Damn Thing Calls

Without implementation, information is just more information. It sits there on your digital bookshelf collecting dust and making you feel guilty for not implementing it. 

We want the Productivity Academy to be an online community where you get things done. 

Every month, we’ll hop on a Zoom call and present a slide deck on a topic. For example, we might have Calendar Management as a topic. We’ll teach you the best practices for a calendar, recommended apps, etc.

And then we’ll have action items for you to complete LIVE on the call. We’ll sit there with you while you implement what you just learned.

End result: every month you’ll Get The Damn Thing Done.

No more unused info…

No more unused systems…

No more unused productivity apps cluttering up your phone...

You’ll actually IMPLEMENT productivity systems, so you become an efficient, reliable person who gets things done. Who has a reputation for being dependable. Who gets all your work done, goes home early, spends quality time with your family, and improves yourself every day.

Who takes vacations and ENJOYS them...because you got all your stuff done beforehand. 

Who CONQUERS every day...because you’re in control of your life.

Who’s HAPPIER...because you’re confident, productive, sleep more, have more time to take care of your health, can take time off for things you want to do, and don’t have to work late nights or on the weekends.

Doing The Damn Thing sounds pretty damn good, doesn’t it?

Everything You'll Get To Finally
Do The Damn Thing!
Here’s everything you’ll get inside the Productivity Academy:
Live, monthly trainings on a new topic, so you’re regularly getting new info to become more productive every single month.
Live, monthly implementation immediately after the training, so you immediately put to use what you learned and see success quickly.
Recordings if you can’t make it live (though we HIGHLY recommend you attend live so you implement).
Free prizes for people who attend the live training and implementation calls. For example, we’ll do the live training on a Tuesday and then have a deadline on Sunday to submit proof of your implementation. We’ll randomly draw a winner to win prizes like a free month of the Productivity Academy, AirPods, etc. — a different prize every month!
Continued access to the existing courses inside the Productivity Academy to access as reference materials.
4 new courses a year, so you can always dive deeper, learn more, and constantly become a more productive and capable person. 
Continued access to the forum and Slack, so you can interact with all the other Productivity Academy members and help each other become more productive every day (we’d never give up the community you guys have built!).
Participate in Live Podcast Recordings, so you can hear The Productivity Show before anyone else, ask questions, and shape each podcast episode.
By investing just 1 hour a month into our live training and implementation calls, you will get back 4 hours a week in saved time.
WARNING: The Productivity Academy is for people who want to Do. The. Damn. Thing. Don’t join if you just want more information and analysis paralysis!

Bottom line: the #1 biggest thing you get in the Productivity Academy is LIVE IMPLEMENTATION with me and the Asian Efficiency team. Everything else is a bonus. What the Productivity Academy is really about is doing the damn thing.

On these live implementation calls, the team and I will be available to answer questions if you hit any snags and ensure you put new systems into place on the spot.

My Name is Thanh Pham, and We’ve Helped 13,000 Customers Around the World Since I Founded Asian Efficiency in 2011

We’ve helped 13,000 people become more productive, dependable, and successful human beings. We started out with 1-1 coaching — and when we retired that program, we were charging $250 per hour for our coaching.

My writing on productivity has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Yahoo!, The Globe and Mail, and The Guardian. I give keynote speeches at conferences around the world on productivity.

Productivity is my passion, and I’m so fortunate that I’ve been able to turn my passion into a living and help so many people live happier, more productive lives.
Here’s What Just a Few of Our Productivity Academy Members Have to Say

“I like the Productivity Academy as it really gives you an opportunity to connect with other people who are on the same wavelength. When you get yourself on a mission to self-improve there are all sorts of people in your real life who will try (intentionally or otherwise) to hold you back. The Productivity Academy is great since it lets us interact with other people who are also trying to find ways to be better, and to realise that you are not the minority amongst your peers – there are other people just like you who can help and offer advice.

I haven’t hung out in the forums as much as I would like (simply too busy recently!) but I fully intend to engage more here soon.

Thanks a lot AE team!”

Divider Text
-Oliver S.

“I find it really surprising that so few people around me in everyday life (and business) have such little interest in matters of productivity. I mean, seriously, what is the alternative? Doing things in a slapdash crappy way and never improving? It never ceases to amaze me,

That’s why connecting with a whole community of people who just ‘get it’ is such a huge advantage and motivator. When you don’t have to explain why it’s a good thing to get incrementally more efficient at something, or to invest time into setting up systems and automations which will buy time in the future, and so on. There is rarely one best or only way of doing things, and the diversity of ideas and suggestions in this group are exceptionally helpful. But the power comes from the shared orientation in the first place, of wanting to do stuff better.”

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-Maya M.

“I really like that the Productivity Academy is filled with like-minded people. There really aren’t many folks available who are willing (much less interested) in discussing productivity and efficiency, and to take the time to share in detail the strategies they have tried and failed or succeeded at. I learn so much from other people’s experiences.

I have had little time this past year to browse the web or do things such as participate in forums, but the monthly recap sent out by AE on the Productivity Academy postings draws me in each time because the topics are often pertinent to things I am currently working on. [The AE emails are mostly gifts that bless my day, instead of the interruptions that most of the other emails I receive are to me. Staying at Inbox Zero is still hard for me to keep up.

I have gained much from the Productivity Academy through silent participation. What a great idea to force people like me out of background status and into the foregound by doing a Productivity Academy-only giveaway! I have made time to post because I want to be a known part of the group instead of invisible…to be able to give back as I have gained so much through mere “observation.” Thank you to EVERYONE who has ever posted as you have been there for me, whether you have realized it or not.”

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-"Kimi” Karen O.

“What do I like about the Productivity Academy?

I like to be in a community that I can share my thoughts and Ideas (workflows, apps, books, goals, values, fundamentals, ways to improve), and have feedback for all over the world. I don’t see it only as a productivity forum, I think we are Philosophers and Scientists, as we search for knowledge and new Ideas, We share with the community this ideas, and we experiment a lot ! The blog, courses, they are all knowledge and good stuff, but here is where the magical happens.

And I think that is why people here are so friendly. Common goals, open minded – as we are Philosophers and Scientists.”

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-Jorge S.
How to Conquer Your To-Do List and Get Back 4 Hours a Week — Starting Today

Productivity Academy will take you from procrastinating, burned out, and stuck to successful, productive, on top of your life, and CONQUERING your to-do list every single day.

All you have to do is:

  • Become a member of the Productivity Academy community.
  • Get our live training every month.

  • Invest 1 hour a month to get back 2 hours a month.
per month
per year
Here’s My Promise to You

The Productivity Academy is NOT an info dump. This is a productivity community laser-focused on Doing The Damn Thing.

My promise to you is that in the Productivity Academy, you’ll get:

Live training every month to help you become more productive (recordings are available, but I recommend you attend live to implement on the spot).

Free prizes to keep you motivated to implement!

Proven systems, not theory. We've done the testing for you, so you won’t waste any time on stuff that doesn’t work.

Real-world systems — everything taught is something we use ourselves.

Actionable material: you can implement it right away — and you will on our live calls!

Material that’s designed for the modern world, with all its distractions.

Systems that are designed for real people. None of us is perfect, so we design our productivity systems to work for real people in the real world.

Accountability to push you get things done (even when you don’t want to). that are designed for real people. None of us is perfect, so we design our productivity systems to work for real people in the real world.


Join Now!

60-day Money-back Guarantee

Go at your own pace through our vault of courses inside the Productivity Academy. Attend our live implementation calls. Ask us questions in our forum and Slack. We’re confident you’ll get huge value out of the Productivity Academy.

But if for any reason you want your money back, just email us within the first 60 days of joining, and we’ll give you a prompt, courteous refund. You don’t even have to give us a reason why.

Get Our Money-back Guarantee
Is this Mac or Windows only?

Whether you use Windows or Mac, we cover both operating systems and common tools for all productivity systems we teach.

How long do I get access to the courses and recordings?

As long as you’re a Productivity Academy member. If you leave the Productivity Academy, you’ll no longer have access to Productivity Academy materials.

What topics are in the current trainings you have inside the Productivity Academy?

How to Be Purposely Productive and Make Progress Towards Your Goals

How to Plan Your Perfect Week

Introductory Guide to GTD
(Getting Things Done)

How to Prioritize Your Todo List and Goals

Finish More Projects by Using Focus Time

How to Improve Your Outcomes and Results with Thinking Time

The AE Way to Implement a 12 Week Year

How to Wake Up Well Rested

When will the Productivity Academy open again?
The Productivity Academy will always be open for you to join!
Are You Ready to Finally Do The Damn Thing?

Information is absolutely useless if we don’t put it to use.





Inspirational YouTube videos…

None of it matters without action.

Information without action is B.S. Real productivity is about ACTION.

That’s what the Productivity Academy is about. 

If you’re frustrated that you haven’t been putting stuff into action, please know that it’s not your fault. The modern world is designed to distract you, to keep you in the superficial...browsing social media, browsing news, browsing video clips. 

Human beings aren’t designed to put information into action alone. We’re social animals, and we need company to get things done.

That’s what the Productivity Academy is for. We’re the community you need to finally Do The Damn Thing. To ACT decisively and get stuff done.

You could open another tab while you check Instagram really quick and think about joining the Productivity Academy...and then in a week when you have 100 tabs open, close them all and hope you didn’t forget anything important.

And in that week, you will have spent 7 more days desperately struggling to keep up. Working late. Always worried you’re forgetting something, letting someone down, or missing out.

Dinner with your family…

Vacations where you never check your work email…

Having everyone look at you as a rockstar — a reliable, dependable person who always does what they say they will…

Writing a book…

Starting a podcast…

Going to the gym, eating clean, and finally taking care of your health…

Whatever it is you want to spend your time on — whatever is REALLY important to you — that’s what the Productivity Academy is about. Getting more time for what’s really important.

By investing just 1 hour a month into our training and implementation calls, you’ll get back 4 hours a week.

Do you want this to be just another piece of productivity content you read and didn’t do anything with…

...or is $49 and 1 hour a month worth being a superhuman who works smart, always follows through, and lives a productive, happy, useful life?

Do The Damn Thing — Finally!