Implement habits without failure by following a step-by-step system.

The System That Effortlessly Installs Any Habit in an Hour And Makes it Run on Autopilot (Without You Ever Having to Think About it)

The 7 Must-Have Rituals for Every Successful Person—and How to Get Them for Yourself
You will get our system for installing these 7 rituals into your life:
#1: Morning Ritual
Wake up productive with our 7-step morning ritual that will dramatically increase your productivity.
How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of the day and there's no better way to start your mornings than with a proven morning ritual.
Wake up productive with our 7-step morning ritual that will dramatically increase your productivity.
2. Waking Up Early
How to get in bed before midnight and wake up refreshed at 5 or 6am (and get two extra hours in your day)
The secret trick to waking up without having to hit the snooze button
How to go out on the weekend, party late... and still get back to waking up early (without sacrificing your social life)
3. Meditation
The exact meditation exercise we use to get focused and banish anxiety
A step-by-step visualization exercise to help you achieve any goal you want
How to go from feeling scattered to being mindful, present, and calm with our meditation exercise
4. Regular Exercise
How to remove those mental blocks that prevent you from exercising (works for any exercise regimen, e.g., walking, gym, yoga, weightlifting)
The strategies for overcoming the lack of motivation to exercise
The ONE thing you must do if you slipped up on your exercise ritual and want to regain it (it guarantees you'll exercise like you used to)
5. Structural Productivity
How to plan your picture-perfect day in advance and actually stick to it
What to do when an emergency comes up, so you don’t get knocked off your plan
How to balance the "urgent" and "important" items on your todo list in a stressful day that you didn't plan for
6. Taking Breaks
How to build breaks into your day (without feeling "unproductive" about it)
How to boost your motivation levels with a simple technique for any break you take
How to smoothly transition back into work without feeling guilty or lost
7. Evening Ritual
The "pre-evening ritual" that shows you exactly what to do after you come home from work tired and stressed about everything you need to do (paying bills, cooking, washing dishes) before you can even do your evening ritual
The proven system and sequence to wind down and feel relaxed and ready to go to bed (especially if you want to go to sleep early) in just 5 steps
The one technique to instantly switch off and not worry about any unfinished business that's preventing you from getting a good night's sleep
Now as you know, the regular retail price for any one of these rituals is $47. That's $329 for all 7 Must-Have Rituals.

We ALSO want to give you access to the Rituals System Videos - which show you how to deconstruct and reconstruct any Ritual, so that you'll be able to modify not only any of the 7 rituals you're about to learn, but also any future rituals that you come across yourself.
What Having All 7 Rituals Will Do For You and Your Success
By now you know that having the right rituals can change your life. When you install the seven rituals all successful people have, it's only a matter of time until you become successful.

So what does successful actually feel like? Well, here are some of the things we at Asian Efficiency, as well as our clients, have felt after implementing the complete Rituals course and system:
Habits just click—you don’t have to think about them anymore (they just run on autopilot)
You’re less stressed in the morning before work and are actually excited about your upcoming day
Waking up early becomes easy and you feel in charge of your day
You walk and exercise more (regardless of the weather because you’re now addicted to it)
You have more energy after work so you can still do important things if you choose to (or just relax guilt free)
You have more leisure time, thanks to all the rituals that streamline your life
You go to bed at night with the satisfaction of knowing you gave it all you've got
You don’t feel rushed and anxious when you’re under a lot of pressure (you now have a ritual to get rid of your stress in less than three minutes and focus on the task at hand)
You Can Learn the EXACT Step-by-Step System Behind Rituals
It's one thing to be given the 7 Rituals of Highly Successful People. It's another thing to really understand how and why they work.
That's why we didn't just stop at including just 7 habits inside the Rituals training course - we also included a 5-part video series called the Rituals System that breaks down in precise detail exactly how a Ritual works. What its component pieces are. How they fit together. And how you can take that systematic framework, and build, break down, and enhance your own rituals.

You see, what we didn't want is for Rituals to be just another "here's a list of some good habits you should do" course. Because Rituals are much, much more than that.

We want you to be able to understand the science, and system, and structure behind how everything works, because this is what will enable you to not only install the 7 Rituals in your life successfully, but will also help you maintain them if you run into any trouble in the future.

This is the EXACT step-by-step system that we have used when working with private clients and customers over the years.

All these rituals will become a part of your daily life. You will find out very quickly that once they're in place, you don't really have to think about them - they're just something that happen every single day.
The Rituals System allows you to have consistency. Whether that's a daily habit or something you have to do once a week, the system makes it easy for you to do it without wasting any energy on remembering what to do or when to do it.
We REALLY Want You to Succeed
Installing those seven rituals might seem overwhelming, but with the system guiding you step by step, it’s easy. We also give you all the supporting material you need, including:
Step-by-step checklists so you can install the the seven must-have rituals without thinking about what to do
How to effortlessly replace bad habits with productive rituals
The truth about why we don't follow through on our habits—even when we have all the desire and information in the world (hint: it's not about more information, or you’d have succeeded already)
How to anticipate failure so you can bypass disappointment and frustration and quickly get back on your ritual
The right way to leverage accountability so that you keep making progress towards achieving your goals... even when you're feeling lazy or unmotivated
How to take any "recommended" habit, turn it into a ritual, and make it run on autopilot, so you never have to think about what you need to be doing
How to avoid the feelings of shame and guilt when you slip up
How to maintain your rituals when you're on the road
The three shortcuts to getting back on track whenever you slip up or take a break from your rituals (without guilt and shame!)
How to design a ritual that takes root and becomes a natural part of your daily life, so you automatically do it every day without worry or stress
The step-by-step Rituals game plan to make the transition into your new ritual smooth, calm, and organized
Whether you want to pick up exercising, journaling, reading books, waking up earlier—or any other ritual—the Rituals System will show you how to install it effortlessly in a couple simple steps.

And it's surprisingly simple to get started... in under 60 minutes.
An UNBEATABLE Guarantee: Try Your Rituals Upgrade for a full 60-Days, 100% Risk-Free
We're guaranteeing that the Rituals System will install a ritual without fail. You can upgrade today and start on this today.

As soon as you join this course, you'll get access to Rituals inside your private customer area, where you'll watch an introduction and orientation video that teaches some of the core elements of the program.

We invite you to try it all out for yourself. Go through the course for a full 60 days, with no risk. If you don't LOVE it, we insist that you get 100% of your money back. We'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

This guarantee lasts 60 days, which completely covers the course. That means you can try the ENTIRE course and then decide if it's right for you. If we could offer a 1-year guarantee, we would, but our payment processor doesn't allow that. We're that confident that the Rituals course will help you.

We stick by our claims. If at any point in the first two months you decide that the course isn't right for you, just email us to cancel your registration, and we'll give a full refund — no questions, no hassles.

We can’t think of a better guarantee… and we stand behind it 100%.
But You Have To Act Fast
You'll learn how you can turn your time around into a streak of highly productive and successful days that will get you supercharged and closer to your dreams.

But you must act right now.

This is a special, one-time offer ONLY - once you leave this page, this offer and special price will be gone, forever. So make sure you upgrade NOW.

Here’s what you’ll also get if you sign up now…
Bonus #1: 3 Extra Rituals Discussions ($141 value)
Remember how there are hundreds of Rituals out there? We've also identified three extra popular and important rituals, in addition to the 7 Must-Have Rituals:


Studying and Learning
If you want to read more and study more effectively, we’ll show you how to do that and make it part of your daily life.

You'll learn:

● The one fatal mistake that 99% of the population makes when they graduate from college.

● The difference between linear and geometric growth when it comes to your personal development, evolution, and success.

● How you can still learn effectively, even if you hate books and reading.

You’ll learn how to journal every day, allowing you to reflect on your day and make adjustments for the next one (so you always stay on course for what you want to achieve).

We'll show you:

● The exact questions you need to be asking yourself every day to keep yourself on-track for success.

● How the simple act of writing things down for 5 minutes daily is going to make you 5 times more successful than someone who doesn't.

● We'll also give you our the exact journal templates that we and our private consulting clients have used to generate amazing results in our own lives.
Getting uninterrupted time
Having focused and uninterrupted time is very difficult in today’s world, but we’ll give you the step-by-step ritual for blocking out uninterrupted time without overhauling your schedule.

You'll be given the exact steps for:

● A 30-second mini-ritual that calms your mind, attention, and hones in your focus like a laser into whatever you need to work on.

● A simple social hack that will stop people bothering you, whether you're in the office, at a cafe, or out and about.

● Why "Be Prepared" isn't just a motto for Boys' Scouts - and how you can use it to maximize your own work time as well.
Bonus #2: The 7 Rituals Checklists ($37 value)
Get a checklist for each ritual, so it’s easy to form all seven without having to think about it.

When you're installing your morning ritual, you don't want to try to remember when to stretch, when to drink water, when to brush your teeth, and in what order.

You just want to do it in the right order without having to figure it out or stressing about it.

That's what these seven checklists are for.

I personally use them too. Especially after I've slipped up and am doubting myself, I reference these checklists and get right back on track.
Here's what others are saying:
"I run my own business selling industrial equipment. It’s a high-volume business replete with unpredictable demands from customers. So it is easy to just play customer service “whack-a-mole”, and run out of time to do the things I need or want to do. 

Time management was never my strong suit, but the Asian Efficiency programs have worked wonders with my personal organization. In particular the Rituals program was helpful to me, as it reinforced the true concept that any meaningful changes in one’s life happens through one’s daily routine. The Rituals Program was presented in a very clear and straightforward way. Especially useful to me was how it emphasized starting a rituals program, and how to maintain it. It’s one thing to convince someone the importance of rituals, but another to get it into practice and reinforced for long-term use.

I highly recommend this program for those who are seriously interested in making small, incremental, but productive changes in their lives."

Steven B, USA

"AE has been the single most useful resource for me in tactics and tools for improving my productivity and efficiency. I now believe in the possibility of truly taking control of your life through efficient habits and systems. I really appreciate the work you guys do in putting together such great resources."
Andrew W, Australia

"Having read:

● Getting Things Done
● Eat That Frog
● The Now Habit
● Etc...
I had a lot of the knowledge yet it wasn’t impacting my life it just made me feel more guilty when I procrastinated and when I was unorganised! Asian Efficiency helped reinforce the techniques I already knew and helped make them become habits. Thanks to everyone at AE!"

Joel S, Canada

"The biggest help for me from AE has been the concept of morning rituals. I implemented one very similar to yours, and my mornings have gone from the least productive to the most productive part of my day. Many thanks to you and AE. Cheers!"
Alyssa V, USA

"I’ve found many helpful ideas on AE since I started reading your posts a few months ago. Morning rituals I’m familiar with, but needed a tune up; Eating that Frog is a good thing to keep in mind when planning your days; and managing email, (well I still am struggling with that). AE has given me many good ideas on how to improve my efficiency and productivity.

There’s one more thing, however. The thing that is changing my life right now is a habit you taught me. I’ve been on the planet for quite a while now, and for all those decades I have had a bad habit that I didn’t realize was "just" a habit that I could consciously change. This habit affects not only my work, but also my life in general. The habit is to never put anything away when I’m done with it. I just move on to the next project or activity without a thought to what happens to my stuff, and whether I’ll be able to find it again.

My passion is fiber arts and mixed media. Making any fiber arts project seems to require having lots and lots (and lots) of materials and tools out within reach. My studio looks like the aftermath of a hurricane or typhoon when I’m working — and when I’ve finished with a project, I just move on to the next thing without stopping to put things away, therefore I can never find things when I want them. You get the idea.

Life is different now. Whenever I do anything, I now stop to put things away. Putting-things-away is now the final part of the task, not something extra to be done after the task. This one new habit is already helping me in many ways, not just in combating procrastination; I love it. Thanks for all your brilliant ideas!"

Cathie J, USA

"You and your team have made a tremendous impact on my life, my work and personal organization. Building habits used to be an endless dreadful battle, but has now turned into a fun hobby. Equipped with the rituals, tools and wisdom you guys preach, emails, tasks and deadlines are now being crunched at a radically different level, motivation and speed. Thanks a ton!"
Jonathan B, USA

"When I started this journey with you, I was neither Asian nor Efficient, but I was drawn to your positive outlook and practical recommendations. I slowly adopted the morning, evening and weekly ritual and moved to OmniFocus. I now look forward to each day and manage a very high workload with minimal stress, focusing on what brings me the most joy and brings my company the highest value. Thank you for all you have done for me, my customers and my family. P.S. I am still not Asian."
Marty F, USA

"Before September 2013 I perceived myself as an organized efficient person. Others told me that I was, and when working on one project at a time details got taken care of. Then, last fall, I found myself working on projects for 4 clients, and two of them were big! My systems (Calendar, Notebook To Do List, phone reminders, post-its on my bathroom mirror) just were not enough to catch all the information I was responsible for. I don’t recall exactly how AE first came to my attention, but I am so grateful it did.

Around that time I had been reading and understanding more about the rituals and systems around us in our daily lives, and began to experiment with tweaking them. This is an ongoing process! Now I am recognizing others who constantly “put out fires” in the work and personal lives and am astounded that they don’t recognize it.

I introduced Morning and Evening Rituals into my life. I already had unwritten routines that I went through, but writing them down made it easier to follow through and to examine and eliminate those things that were hurting my health and productivity (watching Netflix in bed anyone?). I have found the morning ritual much easier to follow, but am less consistent with my evening ritual. That is something I will continue to work on.

In the last year since discovering AE I have learned to see the systems in place around me, become calmer because I have a reliable way to “catch” all the information coming in, removed myself from a volunteer commitment that was taking up more time and energy than my paid work or my personal time, and improved my relationships with friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for your excellent content and encouragement!"

Heidi H, USA
It's Not Hard To Get A Return on This Investment…
How much would it be worth to you if you could really get your health and energy up to the next level and install rituals to put yourself into a powerful, motivated, and focused state every day?

What would it be worth to install a ritual into your work life so that you focused on the highest-value activities in your life first thing... and did them every day so that you consistently became healthier, happier, and more successful?

Success really is about the accumulated momentum and results you get when you do the right things day after day. No long-term success happens in life without this as the foundation.

We want to help you for the long term, and this is how we take the next step.
Warning: You Can’t Put a Price on Regret
Imagine waking up a year, five years, ten years, twenty years from now... How will you feel? Will you wake up with a smile, content and ready to take on the day, secure in the knowledge that you’ve achieved success and there’s more to come? Will you be poised to take on even more, to seize the life you want?

Because no one else is going to do it for you. And no one else is going to show up to make sure that YOU do it.

So in just a few years, are you going to look back and realize that your opportunity was NOW, and that if you had started becoming more personally productive, would you have had a lot more success?

Your future success depends on you figuring out how to do the right things starting NOW
, if you want to reach your potential and create the success you want… and get to the point where you stop worrying and start feeling great about yourself.

So do you want that now? You could tough it out yourself, putting hours and hours in, going down dead ends and looping back to try again (that’s exactly what we did). We discovered the Rituals System because productivity is our full-time job, but you probably don’t have time for another full-time job.

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll save money by figuring out these other rituals by yourself. But besides the lost productivity until you get there, consider how much people pay for valuable knowledge. Just one course at most universities will cost you hundreds, if not thousands more than the cost of this training course. And the idea of a university education is to give you a foundation for your career, right? But what good is that without a system that enables you to be productive and put your knowledge into ACTION?

We think your time and money are just as important as you do, which is why we're making you this limited time offer now - so you can maximize your investment of both.

But that means nothing if you don’t act on this opportunity. I’ve told you how much it costs. But what I can’t answer is this:

What’s the price of your regret? Of looking back in several years and wishing you’d changed your life NOW?

The Rituals System can start working now.

And though you see the benefits immediately, you reap the rewards for a lifetime. The Rituals System is about putting new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving in place… automatically… that are PERMANENT. We'll work together to install the rituals you need to do high-value work, achieve the success you want, and create the life you deserve. Join us, and we'll do it together…
Success is yours for the taking. Are you ready?
-Thanh & the Asian Efficiency team
Disclaimer: In accordance with United States FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of those people only. We cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits or results from using our products.